Research Operations

Gamma Squared’s ‘Research Operations’ service is dedicated to elevating the standard of operational excellence in AI research and development. This service is pivotal for businesses seeking to integrate AI into their products and processes reliably and effectively.

Research operations encompass a broad spectrum of activities, from the initial stages of research design to the final stages of product integration and monitoring. Our approach focuses on establishing robust and scalable operational frameworks that ensure the reproducibility, reliability, and realistic application of AI technologies. By addressing the complexities and challenges inherent in AI research and development, we empower businesses to create AI solutions that are not only innovative but also grounded in operational excellence.
We understand that the success of AI integration heavily relies on the quality and reliability of the underlying research. Therefore, our service emphasizes the importance of meticulous research planning, rigorous testing protocols, and continuous monitoring and refinement of AI models. We will work closely with your organization to build a solid foundation for your AI initiatives, ensuring that each step of the research process is aligned with industry best practices and your specific business objectives.

Use cases
Streamlined Research Process

Create a standardised way to do research, perform, report, and document experiments. This template for streamlined research can be replicated between teams and products to keep a high standard of industrial research.

Measurable Impact

With the appropriate ResearchOps, you can design a test that measures the exact impact of any changes or interventions. Design an experiment that takes into account factors that may skew the results so you get an accurate representation of your results.


A key challenge of good Research Operations is the reproducibility of experiments and results. High reproducibility is essential for making key quantitative business and technical decisions.

Data Operations

Good data operations are essential for running good experiments, evaluating results, and training ML models.

Realistic AI

Sometimes, it is hard to make good decisions in the midst of AI hype. Having good research operations in place can help a company have a realistic evaluation of AI systems and future potential.

Academic Research

Usually, an industrial team is the consumer of academic research. However, many companies have started to foster a culture of academic research, increasing the team’s creativity and innovation. Further, publishing solid research can help increase company visibility and authority.

Research Planning

Devise a strategy and a research roadmap for your company’s research and business goals. Such planning is useful for scoping resources and gaining perspective on future R&D developments.

Presentation & Visualisation

An important part of doing research is presenting and communicating the research output. Upgrade your presentation and visualisation as a part of your commitment to operational excellence.

How can we help

Research Operations Audit

Gamma Squared offers a comprehensive Research Operations audit. We will evaluate both technical and operational aspects of how you conduct research and will produce a report with recommendations for improvement.


We have industrial and academic experience in good research operations and offer advice and consulting services on both a one-off and ongoing basis.

Upskilling and Technical Training

Gamma Squared offers technical training on various aspects of research operations – from experimental planning to professional visualisation.

Academic Advising

If your company/innovation team is interested in pursuing academic work in the industry, we offer advising services. All of our advisors have PhDs and a good publication record of both industrial and academic research.

Start today

Book a strategy call, during which we will explore your specific problem and assess whether Gamma Squared can help you improve your research operations. We will ask questions about your business goals, the customer segment you want to address, and data and technological maturity.

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