Natural Language Processing Consulting

Gamma Squared provides expert Natural Language Processing (NLP) consulting and engineering services that help businesses build advanced NLP systems, deliver next-gen products, and modernise their internal workflows.

In today’s digital era, the ability of systems to understand, generate, and interact with human language is not just innovative; it’s essential.
Our NLP consulting help companies design products that comprehend the nuances and complexities of language, from context and sentiment. By leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques, we build systems that are tailored to the specifics of the business, as well as customer-specific linguistic patterns and user interactions.
The application of our NLP services extends beyond mere text analysis. We focus on creating systems that can seamlessly integrate into your business processes, whether it’s through enhancing customer interactions, automating content creation, or extracting valuable insights from unstructured data. We aim to empower your business with the tools to communicate and operate more effectively in a language-driven world.

Use cases

These are common use cases and are by no means an extensive list of potential NLP applications. We offer consulting and engineering services in a significantly broader area, including bespoke cases.

Text Generation

Controlled natural language generation (NLG) of content tailored to your customer and business goals. Generate text beyond scripted templates to increase productivity and user engagement.

Educational Tools

Incorporate data-aware NLP models that can improve your educational workflow, create and evaluate exams, and create bespoke learning materials.

Content Moderation

Automate your content moderation pipelines by including specifically trained NLP models that can highlight potential abusive or offensive language or other types of problematic content.


Take advantage of an elaborate NLP toolkit to level up your business operations. NLP digitalisation will improve data tracking, collection, quality assurance, and insights operations, which ultimately lead to a more efficient business.

Text mining & analysis

Extract insights and train NLP models that address current and future technological needs. Most companies don’t take full advantage of their internal text resources – addressing this may give you a competitive edge.

Search & Q&A

Build semantic search and question-answering systems for both your internal knowledge bases and client-facing documentation. Custom-built systems vastly outperform off-the-shelf search engines in terms of quality, customisation, and user experience.

Machine Translation

Make your technology multilingual. Take advantage of custom generative machine translation models or off-the-shelf services specifically tuned and adapted to your data.


Employ machine learning and NLP processes to monitor your internal business processes by analysing and keeping track of invoices, financial statements, system logs, and other streams of text data.

How can we help

NLP Consulting

We provide consulting services to help companies integrate NLP solutions into their existing products, start green-field projects, or as specialised expertise for internal deep tech or AI teams.

NLP Engineering and Development

We build tailor-made NLP solutions that align with your specific business needs and objectives, ensuring maximum relevance and efficiency.

Corporate Training

We train AI and full-stack teams to the specifics of the NLP field, helping them apply their skills and know-how to language tasks.

NLP systems and processes Audit

Get a full evaluation of your current NLP systems and processes from technical, scientific, business and operational points of view. We will produce a comprehensive report with recommendations on areas of improvement, as well as realistic evaluation of what is going well.

Start today

Book a strategy call, where we will dive deeper into your specific problem and assess whether Gamma Squared NLP consulting services are the right fit for your company. We will ask questions about your business goals, the customer segment you want to address, and data and technological maturity.

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