Dialogue Systems Consulting

Gamma Squared provides expert chatbot consulting and engineering services that help businesses build advanced dialogue systems and deliver next-gen products.

In the realm of modern technology, Dialogue Systems represent a significant leap forward, offering conversational interfaces for various mission-critical tasks. Gamma Squared’s service in this domain focuses on creating sophisticated Dialogue Systems that enable novel workflows, automation, and the practical application of Machine Learning (ML) systems.
Our approach to Dialogue Systems goes beyond the standard chatbot functionalities. We aim to develop advanced conversational interfaces that understand, interpret, and respond to human language in a way that feels natural and intuitive. These systems are capable of handling complex queries, automating tasks, and providing insightful responses that enhance user experience.
We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities in each sector and tailor our consulting services to meet specific industry and business needs.
Whether it’s enhancing customer service, building next-gen educational systems, or providing support for internal workflows, our solutions are designed to add value at every touchpoint. With our expertise, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, customer engagement, and innovation.

Use cases

Dialogue systems (aka chatbots) can unlock new levels of innovation and scale up both internal and customer-facing processes. These are common use cases and are by no means an extensive list of potential dialogue systems applications. We offer consulting and engineering services in a significantly broader area, including bespoke cases.

Customer Service

Optimise your customer journey as well as their support needs by incorporating a dialogue system that can provide them with information and support and handle basic actions for them. This can help a business streamline its customer support, and by incorporating human-in-the-loop strategies, it can do so without sacrificing client experience.

E-learning tutor

With the advent of online learning, one way to elevate student’s experience to the next level is by incorporating a virtual tutor. Such a dialogue system can improve educational outcomes and provide a personalised experience to each student.

Internal Operations

Use dialogue systems as an interface for internal operations. Think personal assistant for every employee.

Chit-chat bots

Develop pleasant and interesting conversational partners. Or improve the fluency of existing fluency by incorporating techniques for quality chit-chat bots.

Group decision making

Enhance your decision-making process by integrating AI-powered moderators that help a group of people be better than the sum of its parts.


Automate tasks for your customers, such as change requests, bookings, and enquiries. Go one step further and build a chat-first customer experience.

Virtual Everything

Recently, we’ve seen many applications of dialogue systems. However, these applications barely scratch the surface of what is possible. Leverage dialogue systems to build virtual everything – from past or imaginary personas to research assistants. Imagination is the limit.

Multi-party dialogue systems

Most chatbots work in a 1-to-1 setting, as most applications are limited to a human-AI conversation. Nevertheless, there are business cases, where a dialogue system should interact within a group of people. This is a challenging setup, requiring specialists’ expertise and careful design.

How can we help

Dialogue Systems and Chatbot Consulting

We provide consulting services to help companies research and develop bespoke dialogue systems into their existing products, start green-field projects, or as specialised expertise for internal deep tech or AI teams.

Chatbot Engineering

We build tailor-made chatbot solutions, working with the executive and technical teams to ensure high level of efficiency and integration.

Corporate Training

At Gamma Squared, we have extensive expertise in research and development of dialogue systems from both academic and industrial perspectives. We train technology teams to highly specialised dialogue systems expertise, that would allow deep tech teams to drive novel products from within the company.

Dialogue Systems Audit

Get a full evaluation of your dialogue system, from technical, scientific, business and operational points of view. We will produce a comprehensive report with recommendations on areas of improvement, as well as a realistic evaluation of what is going well.

Start today

Book a strategy call, where we will dive deeper into your specific problem and assess whether Gamma Squared dialogue system consulting services are the right fit for your company. We will ask questions about your business goals, the customer segment you want to address, and data and technological maturity.

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