Building Innovation Teams: Growing Creativity and Technological Advancement

Gamma Squared’s ‘Building Innovation Teams’ service is designed to help companies address their business’s dynamic challenges with an in-house team of experts. We define an innovation team as an in-house team of highly skilled and motivated individuals who excel in solving hard challenges and adapting to ever-changing business needs. These teams are often semi-detached from the core technology workforce, allowing them to move fast, switch between products, and be where they are needed the most.

In the fast-paced world of technological innovation, the creation of dynamic and skilled teams is crucial for any organization aspiring to lead in its industry.
Building an innovation team involves more than gathering talented individuals. It involves carefully selecting a diverse mix of skills, experiences, and perspectives and harmonizing these elements into a cohesive and effective unit. We help with cultivating an environment that encourages creative thinking, risk-taking, and continuous learning. We believe that the most successful innovation teams are those who are not only skilled in technology but excel at skills such as problem-solving and adaptability.

Our service includes providing the necessary tools, training, and support to ensure innovation teams can thrive and drive your organization’s goals.

Use cases
Developing Cutting Edge Products

An innovation team is the perfect resource to build new products or unique features for existing products. Having a fresh perspective and an enhanced toolkit of an innovation team will boost productivity and create new opportunities.

Solving Complex Problems

While a mature and well-managed company is able to solve all day-to-day problems, sometimes we face hard problems. Instead of outsourcing or ignoring these, an in-house innovation team can address those hard problems methodically and professionally.

Driving Technological Transformation

Technological transformation is a continuous process that is essential for a company to keep up to date. An innovation team can make that process easier and more effective compared to hiring outside contractors.

Tiger team

Some companies create teams that can swiftly switch between projects to address the needs of the business. If your company has many products that would benefit from ML expertise – a Tiget team may be a good fit.

Start-up within a company

Launching new products or investing in spin-offs starts with the concept of start-up within a company. An innovation team can be the perfect catalyst for launching a startup within a company.

Rapid Prototyping

An innovation team can help quickly develop proof-of-concepts to gauge the viability of new features, technologies, and entire product lines.

Building in-house expertise

Building an innovation team is an excellent way to develop talent and build in-house expertise.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In-house innovation teams are a multi-purpose resource, allowing for a flexible and effective way to grow a business.

How can we help

Building a business case for an innovation team

We can help you build a business case, to assess whether an innovation team is a good fit for your company, what problems such team can solve, as well as operations strategy.

Recruitment and Mentorship

We have experience building teams within the company and with external hiring. Further, we offer both one-on-one and team-wide mentorship sessions to get the team started and thriving.


Once the team is formed and business goals are set, we can identify key expertise needed for an innovation team and provide training and case studies to develop this expertise.

Consulting and Leadership

Gamma Squared offers continuous consulting and leadership to innovation teams, helping them move quickly and deliver value. This could be part of a long commitment between businesses and Gamma Squared, or on an interim basis, while a leader can be grown from within the company.

Start today

Book a strategy call, where we will dive deeper into your specific problem and assess whether Gamma Squared and in-house innovation teams are the right fit for your company. We will ask questions about your business goals, the customer segment you want to address, and data and technological maturity.

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