AI Strategy and Leadership

AI has become a pivotal tool for businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge and will in future be essential for the growth of most companies. Our “AI Strategy and Leadership” service is designed to guide companies through the complexities of integrating AI into their business processes.

At Gamma Squared, we understand that AI is more than just a technology; it’s a transformative force that can redefine how businesses operate and innovate.
Our service begins with crafting a comprehensive AI strategy, tailor-made to align with your company’s unique goals and challenges. We recognize that each business has its own culture, market position, and strategic objectives, and our approach is to harmonize AI solutions with these elements.

How can we help
AI Roadmap

We help create a comprehensive AI roadmap focused on pursuing business and growth goals. This roadmap is aligned with the company’s data and AI maturity, current state-of-the-art of AI models, as well as predicted future advances. Such roadmaps are used to guide hiring, engineering, and fund-raising efforts in the future.

Technical due diligence

We help companies and investors with technical due diligence that helps guide investment, budgeting, and M&As. We evaluate all aspects of an AI engineering solution – from the current state to potential improvements and opportunities.

Interim AI Director

Many companies are still growing their AI efforts, so we offer AI director-as-a-service. We will step in and set all required processes so the business can continue to grow its AI. Further, we will help you hire an excellent director to lead your AI division permanently.

VC Support

We offer a unique service to venture capital firms, assisting them with knowledge of the current state of technology, due diligence before investing, and support for VC-backed companies.

Feasibility Analysis

Gamma Squared will perform a technical feasibility analysis of a specific solution or application, given your business case, requirements, and resources.

Technical Leadership

Similarly to the “Interim AI Director” service, we offer guidance and AI leadership on a smaller scale, directly to engineering teams.

Mentoring Startups

Gamma Squared has extensive experience with mentoring startups and helping them build disruptive technology using state-of-the-art machine learning approaches.

C-level Consulting

We offer high-level consulting to C-level executives aimed at helping them make strategic decisions in the turbulent AI landscape.

Start today

Book a strategy call, where we will dive deeper into your specific problem and assess whether Gamma Squared is the right fit for your company. We will ask questions about your business goals, the customer segment you want to address, and data and technological maturity.

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