About Gamma Squared

A deep-tech consultancy building the next-gen technology.

Gamma Squared is a boutique consulting company offering highly specialised services in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and strategic AI and leadership. We offer a bespoke end-to-end service to our clients, tailored to their operations and business goals.
We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results and have helped companies launch their AI teams, spin-off new ventures or improve their existing technology to the state of the art. We embrace values of academic rigour, growth, integrity, and the spirit of innovation for our internal projects and when advising clients.

We are committed to providing a balanced view on leveraging AI for business growth. Thus, one of the core values of the company is developing and advising on Realistic AI.
We believe that AI, especially machine learning and natural language processing, is an exciting area of research with countless industrial applications. However, unrealistic expectations and poorly written press releases diminish the field’s value. That’s why at Gamma Squared, we strive to drive innovation, focusing on measurable impact and business objectives. We provide a realistic view of current AI capabilities as well as projected future developments.

Reasons to choose Gamma Squared
Bespoke Approach
Innovative Solutions
Realistic AI
State-of-the-art Research
Operational Excelence

Global Reach

We work with companies across the globe, advising and accelerating their AI efforts. We are flexible with time zones and other local restrictions and have processes that ensure that our services feel like they are delivered in person. Moreover, we partner with experts across research institutions, companies, and independent ventures, creating a network of top-notch talent in niche fields.

If you want to apply to our partner network, reach out here.

Innovating in the heart of the Silicon Fen

Gamma Squared was founded in Cambridge, the heart of the Silicon Fen, and is led by University of Cambridge alumni. We are also working with researchers from the University of Cambridge and partners from the wider Cambridge industry.
Moreover, we are actively working with London-based companies, providing consulting and engineering services, contributing towards deep tech growth in the UK.

Giving Back

In Gamma Squared, we believe in giving back to the community we are in, as well as to aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and industrial partners. That’s why we are committed to pro-bono work for non-profits and hold regular “open offices” where we provide free consultations to for-profit organisations.

If you are a non-profit organisation or would like to attend the next open office event, please reach out here.

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