Building the next generation of intelligent systems.

Areas of expertise

machine learning consulting

Machine Learning​ and AI

Harnessing the power of algorithms and data to develop the next generation of intelligent systems.

natural language processing consulting

Natural Language Processing​

Building systems that understand, generate, and interact with language.

Dialogue Systems and chatbot Consulting

Dialogue Systems

Conversational interfaces that enable novel workflows, automation, and application of ML systems.

Building innovation teams

Building Innovation Teams

Creating dynamic, skilled teams focused on pioneering solutions and fostering a culture of creativity and technological advancement.

Data Annotation and Acquisition consulting

Research Operations

Research operational excellence is the core element that drives reproducible research, product integration and monitoring, and reliable and realistic AI.

AI Strategy and Leadership

Crafting strategic roadmaps and leading initiatives that integrate AI into business processes, driving efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage

About Gamma Squared

Bringing science to industry

We are a boutique consulting company founded in the heart of Silicon Fen. We collaborate with partners from the University of Cambridge, London and Cambridge tech companies, as well as industrial and academic collaborators worldwide. We are also committed to giving back to the community and growing the deep tech industry as a whole. Read more about Gamma Squared, our values and community efforts here.

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